Fun in the workshop!

Fun Trophy is an activity that puts fun and teamwork first. The group is divided into different teams that compete against each other. Cooperation, communication, speed and fun are the key words of this activity. Before each mission, the teams will have the opportunity to discuss a strategy.

The missions are varied, fun to do and fun to watch!

This activity can be completed with a giant cube or a sumo wrestling match.
All the games can also be integrated into an orienteering trip or a survival course and/or supplemented with catering requirements.

This activity can be held in G.D. of Luxembourg .

Number of participants

From 10 up to 100 people


French, English


3 hours

Budget indication

€40 per participant (VAT excl.) Attention: different pricing may apply for small groups. Always use our calculator to calculate the correct price.

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Fun Trophy


Fun in the workshop!

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